New Ways to Start Breathing

August 30th, 2009 + 6:08 AM  ·  aetherius

Maybe you remember me, maybe you don't. Most likely you don't. But I don't mind, really.

The strain I am under manages to squeeze poetry out of me. All the tangled up threads of thought I will cough up like a mangled mess of hairball... yeah. That's exactly how I describe my poetry.

On another note, I'm slightly braver these days. I'm painfully shy. I recently performed a Malay poetry piece in front of an audience of 500... 0_o
It was nerve-wrecking but it was nice to hear positive comments.

I'm working on music with a few friends bit by bit. Even if it goes slow, at least it's more progress than what I used to do: keeping it all to myself and in my head.

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