I'm lyrical.
I believe some get made and some get sent.
I write to understand the intricacies of the human mind.
We never stop learning from the day we were born to the day we die.
I want to meet people here to collab on songs!

my art:

that website

December 13th, 2010 + 10:12 PM  ·  aetherius

If you wanna give me moral support, you can drop by the page.
But if you wanna give hate mail, you can do that too. I don't think I'm that important that anyone would waste time doing that, though. Ahaha.

New Ways to Start Breathing

August 30th, 2009 + 6:08 AM  ·  aetherius

Maybe you remember me, maybe you don't. Most likely you don't. But I don't mind, really.

The strain I am under manages to squeeze poetry out of me. All the tangled up threads of thought I will cough up like a mangled mess of hairball... yeah. That's exactly how I describe my poetry.

On another note, I'm slightly braver these days. I'm painfully shy. I recently performed a Malay poetry piece in front of an audience of 500... 0_o
It was nerve-wrecking but it was nice to hear positive comments.

I'm working on music with a few friends bit by bit. Even if it goes slow, at least it's more progress than what I used to do: keeping it all to myself and in my head.


March 2nd, 2007 + 9:03 AM  ·  aetherius


i miss bandamp....................

i miss going to the lace chat.............................

i miss discussing lyrics...................................................

i miss listening to the music..............................................................

oh and did i mention the chat?



December 29th, 2006 + 12:12 AM  ·  aetherius

i havent posted lyrics in soo long.......but i aint dead k? I'm just in college........


happy holidays

December 19th, 2006 + 12:12 AM  ·  aetherius

yea, college life is like scouring for money. I gotta pay for my own food! Sheesh!  I practically was scavenging for coins to do my laundry hahaha....i searched the floor!

Newayz, holidays comin up.

Merry Xmas, Eid Mubarak n Happy New Years!!!!

The Night Dancer

March 2nd, 2011 + 3:03 PM  ·  aetherius

I wrote this when I couldn't sleep one rainy night. This thing, I give to you, members of bandamp, to create anything you want with these lyrics if any of you have the inspiration. I'd love love love to hear what you can take from this. Sincerely, Aetherius.

She stays up way past night

Pondering upon the red lights

Eyes taking in the violet haze

Freely flowing the blood in her veins

As windows creak and her bones dance

Dripping in the remainders of the rain

So fluid, her blanket,

Sheets of laughter in the dark of the night

Alone pondering upon the red lights

Caught in a daze of violet haze

Not a cloud in sight, yet she sings

Of hearts that break and blind romance

Her graceful bittersweet refrains

No ruins, no hatchet

To unbury and yet millions of wars to fight

Fingers and bones dancing livid in the night

Toes barely gracing earth’s face

Her heart shivering with no restraint

All love, all hatred

Sorrow Season

December 2nd, 2010 + 1:12 AM  ·  aetherius

I want this as a song. I know the concept, just don't have a melody. Heh. juxtaposed electro beats

She drew out the moon,
a half smile carved plain
a refrain;
She buried seeds
grief to sow
a grave to grow
she burnt leaves
to watch them glow
fire to eye,
please ignite my soul
eye to fire
blind by coal
singing to hide her
half smile.
Could she see that
leaves are
fire coloured
in the raving fall?
And ice melts
after winter time
and flowers crawl
after the rainfall?
And that the lights crawl back out
in the night
in the star holed sky
and the moonlight;
In the lake that she drew
to drown her sorrows in
a monster
She swallowed deep
as ice froze
air gave to snow
summon the yeti
to hear him growl
fire to eye,
please ignite my soul
eye to fire
blind by coal
fighting to hide her
half smile.
Dragged feet
hanging low
crawling her way
across the floor
how could she have known
that sorrow season
was a creation; of her own; mind?
half smile.
Could she see that
leaves are
fire coloured
in the raving fall?
And ice melts
after winter time
and flowers crawl
after the rainfall?
And that the lights crawl back out
in the night
in the star holed sky
and the moonlight;

Author's rights >> HELP! I have a question here, please help!

November 25th, 2010 + 4:11 AM  ·  aetherius

Hey everyone! I'm back from the oblivion to ask a question. I'm really at my wit's end here and I don't know what to do.

As some of you who might remember me (even the slightest? no? -_-), I'm a lyricist, who writes songs, although I've never recorded them or put them up here. I only posted lyrics (even though I do have melodies for them but I simply never recorded them) Because of well, technical and confidence issues.

I write poems too, well, poems are what I most often write anyways. So two years ago I wrote a very personal poem, which was written in metaphor about the story of my life at the time. I didn't share it with anyone, except a friend. He happens to make songs, too. So he liked it and put a melody to it and it was all cool y'know, just kind of like friends messing around with ideas and stuff. And that was that, nothing more. It was all cool.

Now, two years later, he told me he wants to record the song. We previously had the agreement that IF the song were to be recorded, we were to be working on the song TOGETHER. Since, the words were like, my baby. And I was fine with it just sitting there, a secret song, not officially recorded or anything. However now (he has since gotten a producer and one of his songs was in a local movie) he's with his producer recording it in the studio, with no involvement whatsoever from me. I feel like it's not even mine, the way he treats it like it's his. Of course, he credits me for the words, but that's it. Just a casual mention of "Oh, my friend  wrote the lyrics." I reminded him again and again about our agreement of me BEING INVOLVED in the making of the song, but he just brushed it off, saying I wouldn't wanna work in the studio, it's tiring and lots of work and stuff. He says if they make money I'll get a share. But I don't care about the money! It's my art!!!! I wanna be involved! my conditions were Either I'm directly involved or he doesn't do the song. That's it. He's quite condescending... as I'm a 'nobody' in music. But I have rights too.

So I'm asking here, what should I do? My nightmare is becoming a reality. But an even worse nightmare would be having to sue him or something.


August 30th, 2009 + 6:08 AM  ·  aetherius

I might have mentioned before that I'm mainly a lyricist. The way I work is to work off of pieces of poetry that I write (because I am first and foremost a poet). So here's one piece in which I was thinking of making it into some kind of ambient song with noise tracks and softly built up layers of instruments. The vocals might be a combination of poetry in some parts and singing in some parts. I like experimental But, feel free to tell me what you think.

This one is some kind of tale...


Siren calls distant piercing ears
only falls on swallowed mute fears
dust, tinting roses on placid eyes
breath, pulling harder at her life;

But she smiled, blind
her ears placed firmly
in her hands
her heart wide shut
against the tapping feet
of her unborn infant hope.

Siren calls again
bright light against skin
she can't run away
when the cold knife sways
against her trickling warm organ
till it's cut open
to reveal a life unsung.

Red life slowly stringing
weaving a melody of yearning
slowly her siren starts singing
of new ways to start breathing.

"I've awaken with eyes of brand new
I've starved so long without you..."


August 30th, 2009 + 6:08 AM  ·  aetherius

so ummm if anyone at all remembers me, it's aetherius who used to haunt the lyrics forum.
It's been a long while indeed. I've been writing more poetry stuff than songs. But I'll post them up just to see what you think of em.


Have I invited you in
this twisted labyrinth
of internal monologue
for your eyes to be unfogged?

Would you be able to swim
in a sea of words, dive in
to an eternal episode
of the sky giving into flood?

If you look into these pages
of arteries, veins, and nerves
would you be able to wrap a bandage
around a wounded verse?

for I'm Labyrinthine
pouring pieces of my mind
painting a landscape of words to form
a calm before a storm.

feel free to suggest sounds/arrangement/whatever
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